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Best Chula Vista Private Investigators

Best Chula Vista Private Investigators

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''If you are ever in need of surveillance services this is the company for you. What an outstanding job they had done for me. When I felt there was something wrong in my marriage right away.'' -Mark




Are you concerned that your  privacy has been breached?


With the advancements in technology and the availability of the internet, covert audio and video surveillance bugs are now cheap, and easily obtained. Illegal buggers are using these devices to listen in on private conversations within the home, car, or office.

While this may sound like something from the movies, believe it as it’s real and it is common. There are numerous reasons as to why people and their homes are being bugged.

Some of the reasons why and when people are being bugged are:

  • Obtain information about legal matters
  • Obsessive ex-partner
  • Child custody dispute
  • Business breakups or tenders

Signs You May Have Been Targeted

  • Furniture has been moved slightly
  • Volume fluctuations while using your phone
  • Clicking noises while using your phone
  • Others know your confidential business information or ideas
  • Suspicious vehicles parked outside your home or business for extended periods of time
  • A tradesman or other service             provider may have visited you recently without you booking in the job
  • Wall sockets that may have been tampered with
  • Unusual connections in your phone line

We offer affordable and thorough electronic bug detection services. In turn you get peace of mind.


The electronic bug detection equipment that we use is of high grade and quality. We are able to detect all common bugs that are available to the general public.

We are able to detect the following bugging devices.                  

  • Hidden Cameras
  • RF Audio & Video Bugging device attacks
  • Home Phone Bug attacks
  • Mobile Phone Spy Bug attacks                                                   
  • GPS Tracking device attacks
  • GSM Listening device attacks
  • Visual or Optical attacks
  • Mechanical attacks
  • Free-space Transmitter attacks
  • Microphone and wire attacks

All of these hidden devices are easy to install for those who know what they are doing. Our Bug Sweeps TSCM team can detect these devices and provide you with peace of mind.

Our Bug Sweeps TSCM technicians operate 7 days a week and can often be deployed the same day should you require urgent assistance.

In the last 5 years, bugging devices have become so easily accessible from online stores, that the threat of someone bugging your private conversation or spying on you behind closed doors has increased significantly.

What do I do if I think I have been bugged?

  • Call us from a neutral phone, that is either a public phone or use a friends phone. Leave your belongings behind when making the call.
  • Do not discuss the situation in any of the areas you think could be bugged.
  • Do not discuss with anyone unless you can be absolutely sure that the person is safe.
  • Begin to make discreet notes about who, what, when, where, why & how.
  • Get in touch with us again to discuss the threat further so that we can consult you and give you an idea of procedures and cost.



We are able to attend your premise discreetly dressed as plain clothes civilians or as another role to avoid alerting perpetrators. We are able to bug sweep your premise and advise you of any security risks that we encounter, which may help you prevent any further instances of electronic eavesdropping.